If you’ve come to this page to get rid of your pornography problem – our key message to you is don’t do this alone.

Fixing a porn problem is near impossible to do on your own, as there’s probably a lot more going on than just a bad habit. It’s common for people who’ve been trying for a long time to stop, only to find the unwanted behaviour keeps repeating. Can you have long-lasting change? Can you really find release from the slavery of ‘pornography addiction’?

The scientific research on successfully stopping problematic pornography use is quite limited. This is unsurprising, considering the recent evolution of the internet, technology, and widespread pornography, not to mention the difficulties in accessing subjects for clinical studies. However, there is mounting evidence that dealing with ‘porn addiction’ is like dealing with similar behavioural or substance addictions, and therefore similar treatments can apply.

We endorse the following 7 steps as a concrete process for eliminating pornography from your life:

7 Step Recovery Process