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This webpage has been produced by the  Archbishop’s Taskforce for Resisting Pornography, Sydney Anglican Diocese.

The Taskforce for Resisting Pornography was established by the Professional Standards Unit in early 2013. Its primary purpose is to look at the impact pornography is having on all members of the diocese, including leaders, schools, families, and young people, so as to provide support and assistance in reducing its influence.


    • The Archbishop, Dr Glenn Davies, who has steadfastly supported the goals and work of the Taskforce,
    • The Anglican Schools who have generously funded this website,
    • The members of the Archbishop’s Taskforce for Resisting Pornography, past and present, who have given countless hours to advance a porn-free Sydney Anglican community,
    • Lachlan Bryant and the Safe Ministry team for their vision for and support of this website,
  • Rich Beeston and LinkedCreative for editing the content on this website.


    • Couples Page – Karen Triggs and Marshall Ballantine-Jones
    • Parenting Page – Merilyn Buckley
    • Schools Page – John Burns and Marshall Ballantine-Jones
    • Church Leaders Page – Gary O’Brien and Marshall Ballantine-Jones
    • Masturbation Page – Patricia Weerakoon and Keith Condie
    • Porn Harms the User Page – Marshall Ballantine-Jones
    • Porn Harms Relationships Page – Marshall Ballantine-Jones
    • Porn Harms Society Page – Marshall Ballantine-Jones
  • Porn Harms Spiritually Page – Marshall Ballantine-Jones

All content is copyright to the respective authors. All other content is copyright of the Archbishop’s Taskforce for Resisting Pornography, Anglican Diocese of Sydney, 2017

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